The Central Market Agency Ltd (CMA) is the organisation that administers the market for water and wastewater retail services in Scotland. The market arrangements include the use of data, some of which may constitute personal data and these market arrangements include compliance with data protection and privacy laws.

Summary of Data Processing

The market arrangements for water and waste water retail services in Scotland involve sharing information mainly via electronic transactions to identify and manage the switching of non-household customers from their current Licensed Provider(s) to their chosen provider. It also enables usage and settlement data to be provided to Scottish Water and Licensed Providers that will then be used in the billing process.

Furthermore, the administration of the Scottish Landlord Portal, which is also part of these market arrangements, allows landlords of Scottish commercial properties (Landlords) to correctly record the details, the tenants and the billing responsibilities for all of their premises.

In addition, the CMA, Licensed Providers and Scottish Water may operate help-desk facilities, to support the market arrangements and these may involve the collection of personal information from individuals making use of these facilities.