Our Mission

The CMA Scotland Mission is to facilitate a reliable, secure, and sustainable retail market for water and wastewater services at an affordable price, while exploiting developments in technology and market operations to improve service and meet the demands of our stakeholders. In doing this, we keep the customer and the environment at the heart of our thinking.

The 2022-24 Strategic Plan in brief

CMA Effectiveness
  • Market Code compliance
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Customer focus
  • Ethical employment
  • Deploy Central Systems Technology Refresh.
  • Review opportunities to enhance service using the new technology.
  • Strategic review of cyber security for CMA and the Market.
  • Checkpoints for customer orientation.
  • Promotion of diversity and inclusion through recruitment practices.
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Participant effectiveness
  • Participant compliance
  • Market resilience
  • Extended performance reporting
  • Development of the Central Systems interface.
  • Simulation of critical Market events, including a cyber-attack.
  • Development of data analytics and reporting.
  • Offer systematization of bilateral transactions.
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Wider stakeholder interests
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Environmental/net zero initiatives
  • Share information with a Quarterly Member Update and promote dialogue with autumn participant meetings.
  • Extend web-based publication of Market performance data.
  • Carry out on-line survey of participants.
  • Develop Market Audit and Market Data analytics and reporting.
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