First, they must have been granted a licence by the Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS); a retailer that has been granted such a licence is often referred to as a ‘Licensed Provider’. Information on applying for a licence can be found on the Commission’s website at

Second, they must become a party to the industry codes and a member of the CMA. Information on becoming a party to the Operational Code can be found on Scottish Water’s website at

If you require any advice or assistance in completing this form, please contact the CMA on 01786 468 860 or email

To become a party to the Market Code and a member of the CMA, applicants should complete the CMA application form.

Third, they must complete a process of assurance run by the CMA, which checks that they have the appropriate technical systems to enable them to operate in the Market. Details of the assurance process are set out in the CSDs.

The administrative process for market entry is set out in the Administrative timetable for market entry.

Downloadable Forms

Downloadable versions of the Market Entry, Annex A, Annex B and Direct Debit Mandate forms along with the Administrative timetable for market entry.

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