The websites for the following organisations, or sites, may be reached by clicking on the links provided.

Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS) is the regulatory body for the Scottish Water Industry.

Scotland on Tap is a site which provides information on the commercial sector of the Scottish water industry and identifies all of the suppliers of water and sewerage services (Licensed Providers).

For more information on the Scottish water market, which suppliers are available, or how to find out who your supplier is, please visit this website.

Scottish Assessors Association (SAA) is the body that provides rating and associated information for premises in Scotland, on behalf of the various Scottish rating authorities. 

Scottish Water is the statutory body responsible for providing water and sewerage services to domestic premises and to Licensed Providers for commercial premises.

CMA – LVI is the site, operated by the CMA, for low volume data exchanges, to support the commercial water and sewerage services arrangements in Scotland. This site is only accessible to Market Code Parties.

Scottish Landlord Portal (SLP) The Water Resources (Scotland) Act 2013, provides for water and sewerage suppliers to be notified by the owners of commercial properties when there is a change of occupancy at a premise or where that property becomes vacant.

The Scottish Landlord Portal is a convenient service that will allow commercial property owners, property associations, landlords, managing agent, or councils (i.e. owners, or anyone acting on their behalf) to record all of their properties, and enter details about each property such as tenants and billing responsibilities (e.g. customer names). It will also allow them to quickly and easily keep their supplier informed of any changes (such as changes in tenancy, or when the premises become vacant).